Building a wall on front of hour - need guidance

Postby mdavenport » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:32 am

I am looking to build a wall on the front of my house very similar to the one below:- ... 3,,0,11.63

The pillars are 1.5 mtr with the 2nd step down being 1.25 mtr, going down to the main wall level of 1 mtr.

I am planning on having an in and out drive like the above picture. So there will be a wall at the front middle of the plot, and 1 going up each side of the driveway.

Someone has said to me that I can't have pillars at 1.5 mtr as next door won't be able to see the road when driving out of their drive.

Is this the case? I understand walls need to be 1 mtr high but can you get away with pillars being 1.5 and step downs being 1.25 mtr

My house in on a lane that is only really wide enough for single file traffic and its 4 houses from the end of the road and there is no through road so it does get very little traffic going by.

Let me know your thoughts please as getting close to needing to make a decision and if I have to change from this design its going to throw me out completly as its took us about 3 months to get to this design as we couldn't make out minds up. How hard can it be workng out what wall to have!!!??

Thanks in advance.
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