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I have a 300mm depth recess between the kitchen door & chimney breast where i want to install a 500mm wall cubhoard, beneath this cuphoard i want to fit a 500mm floor cubhoard with a small piece of worktop.
Not sure about the building Laws, for example the cubhoards are 300mm in depth so i guess its ok to install them in the recess as they would not protrude past the edge of the chimney breast, but with the small piece of worktop on the lower cuphoard this would mean the worktop would be protruding slightly past the edge of the chimney breast, & proud of the top of the lower cubhoard as would normally happen.
Will it be ok for the worktop to protrude slightly, & if so how much would be allowed ?
If this is not allowed then can the small piece of worktop be flush with the edge of the lower cubhoard with no overhang at all. When the kitchen door is opened inwards it will have space to open fully when the cubhoards are fitted, but just about. Will this be ok ?
Help will be much appreciated
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