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Postby Passmethehammer » Tue Apr 17, 2007 9:21 am

Should the thermostat on the side of the hot water tank be set to the same figure as that on the boiler?

Have a Maxol Morocco gas boiler, dial reads 0-5, whereas dial on tank reads 2-9. So should the dials be set to similar % of range - ie 1/2 way on dials: 2.5 boiler / 4.5 tank?

Reason I ask is that pump has been running almost continuously (with boiler not heating), turned thermo down on tank and that has turned pump off. Read somewhere that boiler usually turns pump on/off but have had a look at boiler and there are no wires connected to the "pump" terminals.
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Postby sparx » Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:25 pm

No not related,
boiler 'stat determins temp. of water going around system, presume basic boiler with motorised valve(s), boiler temp will set max temp on surface of rads and coil inside tank to heat water. when temp of water in tank reaches tank 'stat setting valve(s) will divert all boiler primary water to rads untill room 'stat satisfied when system should shut down both boiler and pump (unless pump has over run time from boiler which would require wire from boiler direct to pump).
check what arrangement of external parts you have IE valve(s) 1or2, tank/room stats, programmer /timeswitch /internal boiler time clock etc,to give overall picture, Regards SPARX
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