Changes to CH and Hot Water through Loft Conversion?

Postby Tabman » Sat Mar 24, 2007 8:37 am

I am planning a loft conversion. I have a low pressure heating system, with header tank and hot water cyclinder. The shower in my bathroom is pump-fed.

The hot water cylinder is presently located where the new stairs would start up to the loft conversion, so has to be moved. The builder does not think there is enough space to mount the cylinder in the loft with the header tank above it, and thinks that pressure in the new ensuite in the loft conversion would be too low.

He is recommending replacing our (3 year old) boiler with a combi.

I disagree because:

- I have been advised that combi boilers are not much good in a multi bathroom house; they can't meet the flow-rate if more than one shower is on, for example

- the shower in the new ensuite in the loft could also be pump fed

- I think there is a place where the header tank can be mounted above the cylinder in the loft

- even if this cylinder can't be reused, I believe you can get integrated cylinder/header tanks that are more compact

- as a last resort, the cylinder could be relocated somewhere else on the first floor

Any views as to who is correct?

Many thanks!
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