Changing a radiator valve without draining system - problem

Postby daltom » Tue Dec 01, 2009 4:55 pm

My son has just moved into a house where one radiator valve is stuck on and I was planning this week to change it for a thermostatic type. Since he has a conventional Ideal Standard Mexico boiler and I had seen an expansion tank in the loft I intended to use my kit which bungs the tank feed and return causing a vacuum in the CH system, thus enabling me to change one valve without draining down.

However, I have just read the survey report which states: [/quote]A former cold-water storage cistern [now disused], made of galvanised steel, is still sitting in the attic. [quote] and [/quote]The calorifier is a recent replacement, of the Megaflo type[quote].

Is this a true indirect system and can I turn off the boiler, turn off the CH supply at the 'calorifier', bung the expansion tank and then change the valve as originally intended?

Sorry it's long winded but I am confused and would be grateful for any help.

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