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I live in a 1800's terraced property with an open fireplace. When we moved into the property we had the chimney swept and lit a fire we had a couple of times where the chimney wasn't drawing but nothing too major. Last year we had the chimney swept again (all ok) we also re tiled the fireplace and replaced the brass surround around the edge of the fireplace (just in case that makes a difference). When we lit the fire last winter it wouldn't draw and filled the house with smoke, we changed the fuel we were burning incase it was that but no change. As our house is old we get plenty of cold drafts through the floorboards so i am confussed as to why our chimney just won't draw!!
We really want to get the fire going this winter (save gas bills and all) but am worried there could be something else wrong with it!!!
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Postby AdamsHeating » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:18 pm

Do you have a problem with birds nesting in your area? Do you have any other open flued appliances in close range/ adjacent rooms or fans/extractors that are on at the same time?

Sometimes chimneys will not pull if they are not warm enough and certainly wont pull if there is not enough free air.

If you are worried about ventilation, smoke bomb the chimney to check if it is pulling. If it is not pulling, slowly open a window in the room until the chimney does start to pull. If that works, measure the size of the size of the opening in the window and you'll have to install at permanent ventilator of that size.
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Postby htg engineer » Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:00 pm

What's the termination on the chimney ? should be a chimney pot, not a cowl. Has the flue liner been removed (if there ever was one).

Try opening a window slightly, when the fire is pulling this is the size airbrick or vent you need. I would suggest 100cm2.

You need ventilation for solid fuel fires, it's not just smoke filling the room - also Carbon Monoxide. You've been lucky - if the smoke wasn't visible you and your family could be 6ft under by now.

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