Christmas LED lights on Christmas Tree Not Working - Can I Repair?

Postby Paul2463 » Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:25 pm

Stupid Question time

I have just purchased a new Christmas Tree in the sales, it is a fibre optic tree with twinkling led's on the ends of branches. When I turned it on, the light that makes the fibre optics light up is perfect, none of the LED's work though. I have been refunded for the broken tree but thought I might see if I can fix it ( i was given the option to use or dispose of it as I want to). after initial inspection I carried out some checks, the PSU is supposed to put our 12v DC, it does this, and the output socket for the LED's also has a 12v DC supply. I then noticed that the flasher box is a 24v Flasher box - simple question really, could the fact that the flasher box requires a 24v, the tree base only provides 12v be the problem, or would I still get dim LED's from 12v? ( all the output pins on the flasher box have 12v across them.

Thanks in advance
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