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I,ve recently moved house. It needs a fair bit of work. I,m a competent handy man, & have worked around the constuction industry a lot. But mostly as a site welder.
My problem? The house is built into a fair gradiante. It has a large garage, workshop. Partially under ground.
The roof is suspended concrete beams, with conc blocks & then a layer of concrete on top. The roof also serves as a patio, yard area, our back door opens out onto it.
Although solid & sound its not waterproof. there is a lot of water dripping through, enougth to have the floor running wet in heavy rain.
Also there is a lot of puddeling on top. There apears to be a D.P.M, although this has obviously failed.
My main objective is to get it watertight, but also would it be possible to get a decent fall on it without having to re lay the top? I'm not against putting a screed or some sort or hardwearing coat on top, but not to much thickness.
Would like to be able to DIY but also keep the price lowish.
Any ideas?
Sorry to ramble on a bit. Thanks.
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