Damp 1st floor, corner between ext/int

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I have some damp in the bottom corner of a first floor room, it is above an extension and thus an rsj. I also have a gutter running down the outside. It is around 3 foot from a window (the sill is clearly cracked etc from the outside)

Judging by the gutters on the ground floor they do all need cleaning and this may be the cause.

It is beginning to spread a little (moved in 3 weeks ago). So it is time to deal with it.

I have a few questions and would be grateful if someone could respond pre getting external help. (Several friends have had the same issue and got external help only to have it return within a couple of years).


How can I ascertain the real cause?

Blocked gutters?
Window sill?
Poor work on the kitchen extension (perhaps flashing)?
Once the cause is fixed how do I draw out the damp on the internal wall and deal with the issue?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
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