Damp between concrete floor and wall

Postby sc100 » Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:20 pm

I have a problem with some damp in my ground floor living room. The wall is internal and shared with a neighbour. It seems that damp is rising inbetween the concrete subfloor and the wall affecting the motar there. However it doesn't seem to rising into the bricks. There is evidence of a DPC that appears to still be working. But the damp rotted quite a lot of the skirting. As the house is being rennovated this didn't really matter, but I dont want the same to happen to my new skirting/plaster etc. I was planning on raking out the old damp motar refilling and then sealing it with some sort of waterproofing paint/resin etc. Does this sound likely to work? Any advice welcome please!
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