Deep cracks in paint

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I painted a Dulux Once cream-like coat over a very thick brown paint in a bedroom. On the two walls where there was no brown paint the result was fine, but where brown was the previous coat it has been a bit of a disaster.

Deep vertical crevices have appeared all down those walls and a tester patch of second and third coats has not improved things massively.

On further examination it became clear that the brown and cream paint have joined together in a rubbery combination which peels off as one layer leaving the original wall paper painted blue. Ideally, I'd like to strip off the white/brown layer to leave the blue as it seems this will be fine to paint over, but aside from the very slow process of peeling it off with a paint scraper there seems no obvious way of doing this.

Is there a product/method I could use to do this, or is it a case of a choice between the laborious peeling process or stripping the wall right back to its pre-wallpaper state?

Many thanks in advance.

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