Depth of electricity supply cables...

Postby DrRocketMan » Sun Sep 30, 2007 7:50 pm

Boy do I feel stupid!

Today I managed to nick the main electricity supply cable to my house with a mini-digger. Took out the transformer fuse and with it the supply to five neighbours while they were cooking Sunday lunch. :( Still at least I wasn't hurt!

Three guys from eon turned up and two hours later they'd repaired the damage I'd done... which was a tiny mark on the cable but enough to push the neutral into the live and take out the transformer.

I had a thought... yes I know I should've been a lot more careful and I'm a bloody idiot for not realising... but how deep should I expect the electricity suppliers cables to be buried. I measured mine at 37cm... the "official" depth recorded by eon was 40cm. I thought cables had to be buried at least 45cm. I'm sure they'll charge me an arm and a leg for the call out. Do you reckon I have a leg to stand on on the grounds that the cables weren't deep enough?

Thought not!

Appreciate an views (apart from ones which point out what a berk I was!)
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Simply Build It

Postby sparx » Mon Oct 01, 2007 8:04 pm

Hi, no matter what depth the cable was at it should have had either concrete covers over marked 'electric cable - danger' or some way above it there should have been yellow marker tape with 'danger electric cable below' in black bold print.
Depth used to be 18"/45cm but now as long as marked as above no set depth, common sense says over a fork/spade depth in a garden though!!!
regards, & good luck, you may not get a bill,
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