Dismantle mixer tap

Postby davel » Sun Nov 30, 2008 7:41 pm

I have a set of mixer taps, one side of which needs re-washering or ? ceramic replacement.
The problem is getting to the headset. I need to attach an image, but will try to describe the 'turning on' mechanism.
The body of each side of the tap is a sphere, with a bronze nut running centrally. This bronze nut obviously unscrews, or does it? Is it there for 'decorative purpose'? They have been in situ for over 10 years, so may be gunged up.
Most of the DIY tips I have searched indicate a flip off mechanism to reach the headset, mine don't lever off.
Obviously, I do not want to force anything and end up having to buy new taps, these are still in good nick, apart from a tiny drip.
I have a photo of the tap if you need it, but you'll have to advise how to attach such.
Once I can gain access to the headset, I can hopefully fix it's leak.[/img]
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