elevations between tub/ basin drain and entry to 4"soil

Postby livinthe50s » Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:37 pm

I replaced toilet in a new to me rental house last summer and noticed a cast iron soil pipe that had a hub? that accepted copper 11/2" line that picked up basin and bath water. I think theHub[or protrusion] was cast iron. When I was cleaning the bath room , I noticed that the water in the bath tub didn't go down when I ran basin water - I put snake from bath trap into 11/2" copper line to the toilet and could hear snake in the toilet[2 men],. If bathtub water was discharged by itself it ran off OK -If basin water was discharged by itself it ran of OK- I took part of floor up.as well as the toilet[again] and saw that either the entry to 4" soil line was too high or the elbow, was too low where the bath water met the copper11/2" line picking up the basin water- so there was not enough pitch to that 11/2" copper line. Rather than rework every thing I cut the bath line and installed a check valve to stop the basin water from filling the bath water's cannister like trap. I am going to have an inspection for a CO and I'm told that my check valve fix is a no -no [ by the way- the bath and basin water run off together now w/o problem] Any thought's on the soundness on my advisor's info that the check valve is illegal - The town operates on the 2000 Property Maintenance Code and it reads in section 502.1 that" every dwelling unit shall contain ..bath tub or shower, lavatory, water closet....which shall be maintained in a sanitary, safe working order." I think my fix is more sanitary than what was there for 50 yrs- but if I'm wrong is there a way to lower the connection point to the 4" soil line? if i can't cut 4" cast iron pipe due to area constraints,I'll try to get the elbow higher [even of I have to build the floor up] the area below on 1st floor is open and I would like not to disturb ceiling- If I can cut the cast pipe, is the a ABS fitting that will accept the 11/2" copper drain pipe
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Simply Build It

Postby htg engineer » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:13 am

As you say it's been like that for 50 years and worked , so it's more likely to be the new pipework to blame.

Check the falls from the bath and wash basin if the pipes can be lifted at the bath and basin this will give the fall to the soil stack.

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Postby livinthe50s » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:27 am

Thanks for views -any opinion about the check valve
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