Extending concrete path

Postby UKMix » Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:17 am

Hi all,

I am a complete novice with this and I want to extend our concrete path into our back garden by about 1 metre.
I will need to lay over mud and the possibly recover the existing pathway afterwards so it all matches.

What will I need to do this? Would I be able to use just cement, or do I need to make a concrete mix? I understand it isn't going to be easy, and will take a while!

I have been on B&Q website and wondered if it would be ok to use their fast set cement, or do I have to use multi-purpose stuff?

I have searched the project pages, but like I said I am an absolute beginner, and I don't know my aggregrate from my elbow, sorry.

The dimensions I will be covering are:
Extended onto garden (right) = 1m x 5.2m
Extended onto garden (left) = 1m x 3.5m

Any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated!!


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