Fuse Boxes

Postby SPetrie » Fri Mar 16, 2007 6:41 pm

Hi, I am having a new fuse box fitted by an electrician and would like to know if there are any facts I should know or questions I should ask??
I have looked at sites on the internet and the different boxse that can be bought, and I really want to know if there are some that are better than others and are they more expensive??
Please reply soon before I have another DIY disaster

Many thanks :?
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Simply Build It

Postby kbrownie » Sat Mar 17, 2007 9:56 am

The best use of a consumer unit depends on the the type and amount of circuits you intend to run on it? I'd recomend that if posible you had a seperate MCB for the following Upstairs Lights, downstairs Lights, Upstairs sockets, downstairs sockets. Kitchen aplliances, electric showers. Boiler. It would also be worth considering putting a freezer on it's own circuit too. I believe next year that regs will be making bathrooms a special area in which will need to be powered by an idividual circuit with RCD protection. Any sockets that wil be used for outdoors, i.e. lawn mower should also be RCD protected too as should be garages and shed etc..
Your Looking at 10 MCBs With Sockets and special areas RCD protected. You can get them on ebay for £40-£50
I hope this was helpful and not to complicated, if so ask your sparky, he should know if he doesn't don't use him!

I hope this has helped you, best of luck Keith

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Postby SPetrie » Sat Mar 17, 2007 2:58 pm

Hi Keith

many thanks for your information. The box was unfortunately fitted this morning (GEWISS GW 40 962) There was very little discussed re. this box and as I may be moving house in the next few years I was wanting everything to be up to date to avoid further inconvenience and expense. The electrician phoned at short notice last night to ask if this morning would be ok. hence the scramble on the internet for information. Im not sure if this meets with your recommendations and as Ive not yet paid for it I would be grateful for your opinion.
I was told that the lights had an rcd an that the other units used were for the boiler, cooker and sockets. Nothing was dmentioned about seperate bathroom runs !!!!!!!!

Many thanks, Sandra
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Postby Chris Langham » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:22 am

The person who carries out the work should first carry out a Periodic Inspection to check that your existing system is compliant with BS7671.

When it is, and after any remedial work has been carried out, he/she should give you an Elctrical Installation Certificate together with the two schedules of testing and inspection, regardless of what equipment has been used.
Chris Langham
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