Future Alterations And How Much Should One Do To Stop Others Making A Mistake?

Postby ericmark » Thu Nov 07, 2013 11:52 am

I think we all to some extent think if some one comes to work on this in the future will they make a mistake in assessing what it here. We are required to put labels like
This installation has wiring colours to two versions of BS 7671.
Great care should be taken before undertaking extension,
alteration or repair that all conductors are correctly identified."

But for example where the house is split left to right rather then ground and first floor for sockets should there be a label or should we assume electricians will prove dead in correct manor before working on a socket?

If I was connecting a light and the brown or red sleeve was missing from switched line at switch I would not go to any lengths to correct but at ceiling rose I would and for 110 volt flex (55 - 0 - 55) I would not even consider over sleeving.

The same applies to method. If I wired a boiler following standard S diagram I would not think of printing out a diagram and placing in junction box. Is this wrong? should I leave a diagram of a standard set-up?

So how far should we go. Where should we expect a competent person to realise what has been done and where should we be leaving detailed plans? And should we refrain for doing anything not normal or should we take the attitude if the next guy can't work it out he should not be working as an electrician?
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