G-U front door lock mechanism

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Hi all,
Can some advise me whether it is common practise these days for lock/door manufacturers to design front doors without a split spindle mechanism so that EVERY time I have to actually lock the door using the key in order to secure my children in the home?

I have only had experience of 1 uPVC door and I have just had to have its locking mechanism replaced (side strip and all locking bolt furniture etc) by a locksmith, but I can open the door from the outside?? I no longer have a "night latch" so I am worried that if that key isn't turned (son come home from school - I mean, he can barely remember to close the door, let alone lock it) it leaves him vunerable. If I go out and leave the kids at home, I shall have to LOCK THEM INSIDE - leaving an exit blocked in case of emergencys.

I have had the locksmith come out again and he tells me that G-U who makes the mech for my door, only do this one type of lock mech and its no longer split spindle type because of SECURITY (ie to prevent me locking myself OUT of my home??)

What an absurd idea for a manufacturer of locks to remove a safety feature that I depend upon? I can't always remember to lock that door - now my life and the life of my kdis DEPENDS on it??

Can someone tell me if that is now the norm - that doors / locks are now manufactured that allow the door to be opened freely from the outside (unless locked by a key)

(sorry for the War and PEace posting but I am really worried about this)
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