Halogen light Fittings blown in 2 rooms

Postby Swainy » Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:17 am

I moved into my flat 8 months ago and have since replaced 4 of the light fittings, 2 with halogen lights and 2 with standard chrome light fittings (which have so far been fine). About 3 months ago the bedroom halogen light blew all the lights out whilst switching the light on, when the electricity was turned back on the light didn't work, the only thing that seemed to work was replacing the light fitting so we put it down to a faulty light. However again a week ago turning the light on in the bedroom blew the new light. I have tried replacing the switch and the light fitting with a new one (presuming the new one works) and that didn't work either..... At a bit of a loss with it. The wire that come down from the ceiling are Green/yellow, blue, brown and two red which are taped up. Now yesterday maybe my coincidence the kitchen halogen light fitting went but it didn't blow any of the other lights and I didn't hear it pop just stopped working? This has the same wires as the bedroom and has been installed in the same way? Green to green, blue to blue and brown to brown? Sorry for such a long post but thought I should include everything to see if anyone can help? Many thanks
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Postby sparx » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:00 pm

Hi we are missing something here!
your wiring colours make no sense at all, 2 reds taped up? i hope in a connector block at least! if so you should not have brn. or blue wires as reds are old colours which would have been installed with blk cores not new colours [brn/blu]!
I suspect you have ends of flexes from old fitting showing but above ceiling will be 2 connectors to original cores which may have come loose, need to look closely.
regards SPARX
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