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Postby clare502 » Fri Sep 14, 2007 10:33 pm

I need some advice.
We live in private rented & the last year or two have had pretty nasty niffs (smells) going on downstairs, especially in our kitchen cupboards.

We have also noticed other signs of damp.
We told the landlord & he got people in to check with detectors and they said we had rising damp & it was quite bad.
We had to move out while work was under taken, when they took our flooring up they discovered the floor boards & supports (that go into the walls ) were completely rotten....they even said the floors could have collapsed at anytime!! EEEkkkkkk

Anyway....we checked back often, as far as we could tell they took joists (think that is what they are called) re placed put new boards down, did damp course.
What we was surprised at was that when the floors were removed we could see soil underneath, joists are put in, floor boards on & flooring on top.

Now everytime it is damp outside we get really nasty niffs still, I am convinced it is because the soil underneath is wet & the smell is rising.
Should they not have concreted this?
It just seems every time the soil underneath gets wet we will continue to get the smells.
Any advice much appreciated :D

May also be worth mentioning we get alot of flooding in our street with a heavy down pour & before now we have had sewage backed up from the mains & polluting the streets & gardens
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