HELP I have found holes under the concrete

Postby racheluk » Tue May 20, 2008 3:01 pm

Hi everyone,

I really need some advice I have a studio outside, some of which is on solid slabs, the other half is just concrete my ex husband use to have a pond in that section and fill it in when we built my ceramics studio, some of the concrete has broken up and I can now see a hole I put a stick down it approx 6ft and the stick never reached the bottom, I can see some block work however it appears there is no concrete holding to together only earth which is now falling down in between the block work that is visible, the top layer of concrete is only 1/2inch thick.

Should I smash it up and fill with concrete or can I drill holes and just pour concrete in unit it stops.

Hope you can help

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Simply Build It

Postby stevenc1603 » Wed May 21, 2008 1:01 pm

Back filling with concrete would be an expensive way to do it. I would have back filled with earth first then put down a concrete base on top of that.

If its not holding together then really it needs to be fixed properly by removing it and doing it from scratch.
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Postby racheluk » Thu May 22, 2008 5:13 am

Hi again and thank you stevenc1603 :P

I have started to chip away at the concrete seems the hole has a definite direction which looks like a straight channel (4-6" wide) against an internal underground wall (which was the internal wall of the pond which use to be there) god only knows what is truly in the filled in pond hole not a lot of concrete that's for sure, bet he filled the pond hole with earth and rubble (the original pond was paint sealed concrete) the concrete floor just breaks away no need for even a drill (Just hammer and fingers does a great job) LOL. The earth does seem very dry, possibly the earth has taken this time to dry out and settle due to outside vibrations ie: the trains that rumble past my house a few yards away.

I do think I should dig up the section and have it filled as it should be as my gut says that in the future if a repair is done that the problem may come back.............. oh I don't know I'm only a women (short one at that) if any one live in Cornwall UK who can help there may be a job going lol im getting really fed up with it now :cry:

Take care thanks again to stevenc1603

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