Postby Tony carter » Mon Jun 18, 2007 11:45 am

Please can someone help me!!!!

I have just done a foundation 5 day plastering course. Enjoyed every minute of it and would like to do this permantely.

I hate my current job. I am 24 years old and would love to get into the plastering trade and learn from someone/s with all there years of experience. Im not stupid - I know after 5 days this does not make me a plasterer but am willing to learn more if someone would give me a chance.

What's the best thing to do to try and get into the trade[/i][/b]
Tony carter
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Simply Build It

Postby thedoctor » Tue Jun 19, 2007 6:21 am

See our project on plastering and look at attending one of the courses. Then contact every plasterer you can find anywhere and ask them if they want a labourer. You will not walk straight in as a plasterer, these guys train for years, but labouring for a good plasterer and showing him you know the basics will lead to getting more and more resposibility.
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Postby Ginga » Tue Jun 19, 2007 5:10 pm

Good advise from the doc , i have been plastering for more years than i care to think about , and every 2 or three years i take on an improver , weather he is at college or just keen , 3 of them still work for me as plasterers one of them for nearly 10 years , the others have either not made the grade , diddnt like the hard work or have now gone on there own . I have just agreed to take on a school leaver who is starting college so my currant labourer who has completed his course can start getting on the trowel more . So start as a labourer , work hard , get on the trowel as much as you can and try and make yourself invaluable , two or three years if your keen , you can be plastering , although with plastering you never know it all , things will still surprise you and you will learn something new every day . One word of warning though , with our current climate of open doors for european community , rates are dropping and will continue to do so i think , i am lucky to have a client base that do not look anywhere else but for people starting out in the building trade it must be a very worrying time ./

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Postby Tony carter » Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:56 am

Thanks for the advice doctor/Ginga.

I am very keen and the hard work doesn't worry me one bit. Like i said I have just finished a 5 day course and don't want it to go to waste.

Will look in the yellow pages/thomson local and ring around,see if they will take me on as a labourer, show im keen and willing and learn the trade from them.
Tony carter
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Postby NimbusII » Wed Nov 21, 2007 8:41 am

I attended a five day course and now labour/work with a fantastic plasterer/mate part-time as I have a flooring business I need to continue with for the time being. I`m 40 so a little long in the tooth.. My opinion is that the Five day course was more or less a waste of time I have learned more in a day than I did on the whole course lol.. But I did walk away with the knowledge that this was for me as others from the office background didn't acclimatise to the graft too well and are back in the Time on the trowel is what you need.....good luck. we need it lol
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