How Do I Sort Out Botched External Rendering

Postby ZigZagJon » Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:09 pm

Sorry for the long 'intro'

Once upon a time I had a nice looking (rerendered exterior about 10 years ago) end of terrace 'two up, two down'

Then I had a slight subsidence problem that was repaired under a Direct Line insurance claim

The repairs entailed cutting out the cracks, fixing the problem and then patch repair and finally paint

The end result looks an absolute mess - I do appreciate that carrying out patch repairs can be difficult - but you can very clearly see every patch repair

Direct Line, PMC UK (the 'project managers' for Direct Line) and Olympus Construction (the people who actually did the work) are all saying that the quality of the repair is good enough - Which I totally disagree with

I intend taking the contractor to the small claims court to get some money out of them to sort the problem out


What are my options to cover up this mess i.e Total rerender? Maybe try something like HighBuild
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