how to do lead flashing

Postby sudbrooke » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:17 pm

I am building brickwall of the house.

I have noticed that in this situation, sometimes the lead flashing is stepped; ie. cut in a zig zag shape to go into the brick joints; comes down to the tiles, and then bends at 90 degrees to cover the first 6 inches or so of roof tile.

But other times, the flashing stops at the tile surface, and presumably there are 'soakers' hidden from view to seal the join between tile and wall.

How do I decide which of these the methods to use?

I wondered if it is that a pantile / curved tile is better for folding the lead over, but a flat tile would always be likely to let rain in horizontally; yet I have seen the 90 degee fold on flat tiles as well, so am confused!

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