How true does a upvc door frame have to be?

Postby Sue Bond » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:03 pm

Hi there, I need help - I am having trouble with a new UPVC door that wasn't fitted by the supplier!

The door is now kite shaped rather than rectangular and the window in the top pane no longer opens.

The builders accept that the frame is not vertical - top and bottom are horizontal but the sides lean very slightly - they say that the tolerance allowed by adjustable hinges means that this slight variation from vertical does not matter.

The door did fit perfectly initially and showed no evidence of 'leaning' on the side of the lock.

The supplier says that he will take no responsibilty for the distortion of the door as it is the result of the frame not being true.

The door is not a typical size and is 150 cms wide though much shorter than the average door, so I am concerned about the extra strain the width is putting on the hinges.

The top hinge is fully extended and has distorted.

I think that the door should have enough structural integrity to stay rectangular even with the frame not being true.

Is there a recognised tolerance that the frame can be out by??

Please help,

Sue Bond
Sue Bond
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Postby scoggs » Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:34 pm

150cms for a pvc door is way to wide, 90-100cm is the maximum width it should be. This puts to much strain on the hinges of the door, which then causes the door to drop. You may well be able to get a proffesional Window installer to put another hinge near the top of the door to take some of the strain, but in my opinion I wouldn't hink this would last longer than a couple of years.
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Postby Sue Bond » Thu Jul 16, 2009 3:59 pm

Hi, thank you for your reply - I've messed up here rather!!
The door is 89 cms wide and 163 cms tall - height is restricted! It has three double glazed panels the top one of which is a top-hung opening window. This window no longer works, I think because of the distortion to the door. The door has dropped away from the hinge and the corners are no longer right angles and cross bars are not horizontal.
The manufacturer says it is because the frame is not true - it is slightly out but the door was great for the first couple of weeks.
What tolerances are allowed re the frame? There is about a cms difference between the height of the door at the hinge side and the height of the door at the handle side.
Really appreciate a reply
Sue Bond
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