Ideal Isar HE 30 user display problem

Postby topman511 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:38 pm

Ideal Isar HE30 leaking AAV has damgesd purple cable that connects PCB to user display PCB. User Display was dead but boiler works normally.
Cleaned up connections now the burner light stays permanently on with a dash symbol on the display. Changed purple cable for new and installed new user display. Burner light now off but have a dash & . symbol ( -. ) on the display which does not changed. Boiler still functions for central heating and hot water.
Not sure if new display unit is faulty or the water damage to the user display connector has damaged both main PCB and user display. If PCB is the problem can someone advise on the correct part number for the orange replacement type. The current one is black (Part No 173 534).

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