Install Boss into Galvenised Steel Waste Stack

Postby Gaz D » Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:09 pm

Hi Guys

Can anyone help - I live in a 1st floor maisonette flat (there is only ground & 1st floor) The local council are upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms with complete new fittings. I have chosen to have my bath removed and have a shower fitted - however I want my sink moving to another wall in the room where the bath would have been. THe local council guy says they can't do it because there is no connection into the waste stack on that side. It s a tiny little bathroon and I wanted it moved to try and create some space (hence the removal of the bath) The waste stack is stainless steel. A friend told me you could drill a hole into the stack to fit a "Boss" connector is this possible ? please help!! :(
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