Insulate metal roof of storage container

Postby oldieII » Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:51 pm

Not strictly home DIY.

Our Parish Council uses a vandal proof metal container to store chairs and tables etc. In very cold conditions it is subject to heavy condensation on the ceiling - a single thickness corrugated roof. There is no condensation on the walls.

I want to stick a layer of insulating material to the ceiling to reduce heat transfer from outside since building a frame and a battens to support the liner would probably be too expensive.

Celotex TB4030 or similar seems suitable since it could be installed across the corrugations and probably taped to limit airflow.
My querys are ... can you glue celotex to metal; would the celotex separate at the foil/insulation bond; what would be a good adhesive. Is there a 'grab' adhesive that would give an immediate hold?

If you have better ideas let me know.
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