Is it rising damp and how much is it likely to cost?

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We have had a report which suggests our house may have rising damp. It is a victorian terrace and has a 20 year old chemical damp proof course and a historic slate course.

The damp meter only went off in the very bottom section of the wall at around 20-25cm from the floor. There is a visible tide mark in one part of the house.

I have read suggestions on other threads that these symptoms may not necessarily mean rising damp, the house was very poorly ventilated when we moved in and my wife has insisted on drying clothes in doors. We have recently (within the last year) improved the ventilation in the house and the general humidity has decreased markedly.

So the questions are:
Is it definitely rising damp?
Is there any easy way to be sure?
If it is rising damp how much is it likely to cost ? (between 15 and 15meters of wall would need treating (10meters do not show any high reading))

Thanks in advance for any help or information

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