Joining 2 extra fans to a single outlet

Postby RogerTE » Mon May 26, 2008 3:51 pm

We have just created a new toilet room, by splitting an area off from a large bathroom that had a lot of wasted space.and now have 2 extractor fans - a timer controlled one in the new toilet room, which is connected to the outlet to the exterior, and one over the showerbath which is currently vents to the loft space, although isn't connected up at present.

The toilet extractor extracts via 100mm tube through an adapter to 110x54 tube and thence to a vent on a fascia board. Unfortunately there is limited space to be able to fit another exterior vent, so we were wondering if is it possible to connect both fans to the same exterior outlet?

I have been unable to locate a suitable Y connector (in either of the 2 pipe sizes), so was wondering if it would be possible to connect the outlet side of each pump via a length of 100mm pipe to a 110mm soil-pipe Y connector, and then reduce down to a 100mm pipe before the round to rectangular connector?

If so has anyone any experience with this sort of "bodge"?

Thanks for any input received.
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