Laminate flooring over old uneven boards HELP??

Postby Cole » Tue Sep 02, 2008 10:18 pm

I have a victorian house.
Recently knocked through the ground floor rooms & intend to lay laminate floor appx 11ftx22ft.
The old floor boards slope away in various directions towards the walls/corners. They have dropped away from the skirting in some places as much as 1.5 inches. It feels like the deck on a boat in some areas!

My Question is: How much distortion can laminate take over these distances?
Can I get away with using a thick underlay such as fibre board and using
layers of it in the worst areas?
Or can I lay the laminate and glue or pin it down along [u]some lengths [/u]of skirting? I know it needs expansion room.

Or is it a case of having to lift the the old boards and fit levelling battons to the joists? or worse still, getting down into the 2ft high foudations and jacking up the joists ?
Any advice before I waste my money please
ps. I work in an office
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