Leaky Toilet After Replaced Siphon Valve

Postby jfhandel » Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:47 pm

Hello All

I've replaced the siphon valve on our loo. Whilst I was at it I also replaced the doughnut seal as well (as recommended). I put it all back together again but the blasted thing is leaking - not by much, its just a small drip which seems to come from the underside of cistern and rolls down the pipe connecting it to the pan, and thence onto the carpet.

So, I have a loo that flushes, but now it leaks a bit. Great :-(

Am not a DIY expert at all (treat me gently chaps), so I am all out of ideas. Having managed to sort out the main problem, am maddened by the niggling little leak that has popped up.

Any ideas?


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