Locking double slider pvc patio doors

Postby missionary » Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:26 am

I have looked in the archive and can't this problem covered. I have bought a new flat with double slider doors but the espagnolette locks do not themselves lock with a key.

So how can I secure these doors from inside please? I appreciate that I can use the old broom handle in the track trick for the inner door, but that leaves the outer door insecure.

A good locksmith I know can only recommend a small press bolt. One to anchor on the floor and lintel to secure the inner door, then another bolt screwed to the plastic frame at the rear edge of the inner door and passing into the farme of the outer slide. Hmm...........4 screws direct into pvc. Not sure about that.

So is there an off-the-shelf answer please?
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