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Postby bazza » Mon Feb 25, 2008 4:12 pm

hi guys i hav bin interested in electrics 4 quite a while now studying out of books altho im not 100% on all the regs i like to think im confident with all the wiring on a domestic level and ok with all the caculations my question is is there any course i can take so i can learn more and legally work on just domestic electrics (avnt bothered 2 learn 3phase ) or is it a case of you av 2 learn both im a plumber by trade so there wud be advantages to being able to safely and legally work on domestic curcuits thanx 4 any replys cheers
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Postby ericmark » Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:43 am

The problem with any courses are most are designed for the apprentice with day release but there are three courses which are often offered as night classes. For two the 17th Edition (2382) and PAT testing (Called inspection and testing of in service electrical equipment) you stand a reasonable chance of passing. The third 2392 is a different kettle of fish and would take a lot of study. But in this area the price has rocketed 16th Edition only 4 years ago was £85 now it is £275 there are other courses of course but much depends on your area. There is a Part P system designed for Plumbers and Kitchen fitters etc. This will allow limited work on electrics. The IET (was IEE) do a series of books but due to the 17th Edition only just being released not the time to buy give a few months for new versions but the Guide to 17th Edition, Book 3, and inspection and testing of in service electrical equipment will give a lot of what you need but not the basic electrical theory ohms law etc. If you need these basics then the only courses available as night class are things like RAE and unless you have an interest in Radio not really how to progress. Some collage and university courses include a night class as part of the whole and these may teach you what you want but as part of a whole it will not give you a cert and can be rather expensive. The problem is so much does hinge on understanding the relationships where you may find volt drop listed as mV/A/m and completely miss that V/A = Ohms so could be written as miliohms/m or that the same meter used to measure earth loop impedance if used across L and N with small calculation will give prospective short circuit current. These facts are also used to check reading entered on test result sheets as with a TN-C-S supply earth live readings with be same as neutral live readings so simple guessing will not do are these facts are not taught in the night class type courses. You could of course try your union it is same as ours and courses are run by them in some areas.

Postby kbrownie » Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:33 pm

You could consider taking the 2330 course which will give you a fundamental knowledge of electrical installation and calculations, there is phase three work involved in this study and regulations are used. It can be done either on day release or two evenings a work. Will take two years on an evening, then there's level 3 that will take an extra year. But this is just a stepping stone to gain knowledge pre 2832 (regs) 2391(inspection and testing) and part p.
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Postby bazza » Tue Feb 26, 2008 1:58 pm

thanx ericmark 4 reply looks like 17th edition and pat testing seems favourite course to take i will look into it and hopefully find a course locally thanx again bazza
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Postby bazza » Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:22 pm

thanx kbrownie looks like ive got a couple of options to choose from gonna check local colleges 4 information on courses hopefully there will be something to get me started cheers pal
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