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Postby mdvUK » Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:33 pm

I'm thinking to install a combi - coverting from my current open vented system.

I am currently checking my water pressure. Having purchased a mains water pressure guage, my reading when just this tap is running is 2.5bar. When one tap is open this drops to 1.5bar.

I'm on shared water mains at the boundary - and I'm 99% sure that I only share this mains with one neigbbour. I've never noticed any problems with the current pressure (no taps reduce in water flow when next door run a tap), and hence it's safe to say that the current set-up has not effected us in the slightest (upstars taps are a little 'weaker' than downstairs of course.

My questions are?:

If I increase the size of the water pipe from the boundary stopcock to the stopcock inside the property will this signficantly reduce my neighbours supply of water?

Must I have my own mains supply?

Is there anything stopping me increasing the water flow to my property from the existing shared mains?

Would increasing the size of pipe increase flow rate and water pressure for a combi?
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