New drive not wide enough

Postby magiccat » Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:11 pm

Bit of a disaster with our new driveway being to narrow :(

We had a long tarmac drive (3 car length) that could only be used for one car as although it widened at the house the approach was narrow (the fence ran at a angle) and as we both work shifts one had to park in the street to avoid keep disturbing the other /swap cars over.

Tarmac needed relaying and was very old so we had the top end (entrance part) made wider and a new concrete post straight fence put up with a brick edging.

Yesterday was the first day we could use the drive and it is about two foot to narrow to get two cars side by side. We can get them there but it is pretty tight to get in an out especially if we have passengers as we are fenced each side of the tarmac. We can park one further down in a sort of staggered line but it's difficult reversing past. Our fault not the builders as I pointed out after the first couple of posts went in that I didn't think it was wide enough but hubby was adamant it was so the builder carried on.

Our builder is now on his holidays so I can't ask him for advice.

Any ideas what can be done? Is it possible to move the fence back a couple of feet, hardcore and patch in some more tarmac or even a block paved path or could the whole drive collapse and have to be relaid? We are on a slope so in places there are two concrete bases but you can only see one if this makes sense.

Sorry for the long post but I'm so upset that we have spent a significant amount of money basically for no purpose and any suggestions on how we can rectify our clanger would be much appreciated!
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Simply Build It

Postby 2tellytel » Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:22 am

We all have disasters so stop beating yourself up and please don't rush into doing something just to get a quick result to solve problem as you might make things worse

My advice would be wait until your builder comes back off holiday before doing anything else as he is the last person to have worked on it and should know what you can and cannot do.

As my ex mother in law used to say you "if you have a problem and money can put it right then hey there is no problem"

Hope helps if only a little
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Postby magiccat » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:16 pm

Thanks for that :) There has been a few cross words and tears this week but feeling a bit better now. There must be a solution I guess and hopefully not a horrendously expensive one!
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