No hot water from the power shower

Postby NickJ81 » Sun May 20, 2007 9:44 am

Hi there,

Shower and bath water (Bathroom is approxmately 2yrs old) is pumping out warm/cold ish water. I can't get it hot enough

I live in a flat and hot water is supplied by an immersion heater, and there is a hot and cold water pump which gives the pressure (20psi pump)to the shower and bath through a shower/bath/hot&cold diverter panel built into the wall. I'vre tried adjusting the thermostat adjustment on the hot&cod tap, and I still can't get it hot enough.

Shower failing to really warm up, and in order to get some heat I have a bath tap running on slightly too. But I can't get it anything like as hot as Im used to. Just having the shower on it's own, it's actually quite cold.

I suspect there may something wrong with the diverter panel, or the hot water is being dominated by the cold water.

My immersion tank is 20 yrs old and I live in a hard water area, that may have furred up, but that doesn't explain the perfectly hot water coming out of the taps in the rest of the flat.

Any help would be great, thanks
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