Not Hot Water Coming Out of the Taps

Postby 67619live » Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:48 pm

Hello Forum -

I have a problem with the water tank in the attic. First there is no hot water coming out the taps. There is also a constant overflow from the tank .

Any suggestions? Do I look for air obstruction? I do have a cold and water tap in the top bathroom to connect. What I do not understand is the overflow of the tank and the fact that no hot water comes out of the taps.

Many thanks. :?
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Postby bobplum » Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:04 pm

soundslike you may have two problems
1 the cold water tank is probarly overfilling due to the float valve not shutting off correctly,if you can id change for a new one you can just try and chance the washer in it but i take the view that by the time you have done that you may as well have changed the whole unit

secondly sounds as if the water from the main cold water tank is not getting to the hot cylinder could be air but id say that normally happens when you have opened the system or closed a gate valve and it as probarly siezed could be physical blockage
do you have a mixer tap on the kitchen sink or the bath if so open hot tap put your hand over it and turn on the cold this may blast the blockage back out
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Postby nitro23456 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 9:37 am

As above or possibly sounds like a 'pinholed' central heating coil inside your hot water cylinder. If ti is this, it is a new hot water cylinder I'm afraid.

However need some more info really..... where is the water coming from that overflows the loft tank? is it the vent pipe rather than the inlet? Is it the Cold Water tank we are talking about or the F&E (smaller tank) for the central heating?

I am presuming you have an indirect vented system.... more info needed please.

When you say no hot water from the taps, do you mean no water at all or it is cold?
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