odd cartridge and leaking monobloc ceramic kitchen tap

Postby sunshine » Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:22 pm

My kitchen tap drips when hot water tap it used, from the spout. usually. Sometimes if I turn it off slowly it doesn't. Occasionally it turns beyond its stop point and I have to turn it back on itself. Usually the drip can be stopped by turning cold tap on/off very quickly. when it doesn't drip from spout, there seems to be a slow drip from both shrouds.
i've dismantled hot tap as far as I can. It has a white plastic-looking ceramic cartridge which doesn't match anything I've seen on Lunn's site.

I can't see easily further down into tap.

I have photos of tap and cartridge which i can mail to you (I can't get image button to work).

Any help appreciated

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