Offset concealed cistern??

Postby Xeccmpz » Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:16 pm

Hoping someone can advise if it is possible to offset a concealed cistern. I am looking to house the cistern behind the pan in a purpose built cupboard. However the cupboard is partially hiding a small wall which cannot be moved.
This means that when hidden the front of the cupboards will look flush with the pan centralised, but the concealed cistern will have to be offset to the right of the pan by about 15/20 mm. Is this possible? Can the flush pipe be offset?
I know I can make the flush push look visually correct just need to know if its actually ok to have some sort of bend/flexible connection from the cistern to the pan.
Any advise on slimline cisterns and potential flexible connectors would be greatly appreciated.
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