Old Slab is in the line of new fence

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Hello everyone

I am putting up a new fence in my back garden. I have taken down the old fence. This fence was put up between the outside wall of my house and the other end of the fence terminated at a brick wall. The old fence was there before I moved into the property. You could tell this fence had been repaired because when I was taking it down, the fence panels was joined to posts by different methods. The fence posts went either straight into the ground, or into concrete or in a fence spike.

I am just preparing the ground for the new fence. I have purchased concrete gravel boards and concrete post to be installed.

I have come across a major problem. In the line of where the fence should run there is a concrete rectangle. This concrete rectangle has 4 slabs which are 4 inches thick.

The four slabs when put together form a rectangle 35 ½ in * 22in. There is soil in between the slabs. I am not sure how deep it goes. I have started to dig some soil away but I am unsure what I am digging in to.

I know it not really possible for anyone to tell me exactly what this concrete rectangle is, but has anyone got ideals as what it could be.
I shall take a picture tomorrow and attached it.

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