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I want to make an outdoor cat tree/tower and need advice on the materials to use, and possibly plans. The cat tower is to allow the cat to have access to a flat outbuilding roof. I cannot put anything directly on the outbuilding, and there will be about 40cm between the cat tower and the outbuilding which the cat is more than capable of jumping either on the way up or down.
I was thinking about having 3 platforms of heights of 1m, 1.4m and 1.8m using PVC (plastic) drainpipe for the uprights but am not sure how I would attach them to the platforms and how to make sure all is weatherproof and stable.

I can have a large flat base in timber or a concrete flagstone, or alternatively I can put the uprights directly into a large concrete circular planter 800mm high x 500mm diameter and pack soil around it to keep it rigid.

I also thought about putting some kind of weatherproof matting or webbing on the platforms so the cat can get a grip.
I was thinking of three platforms of various heights. The top one being about 1.8m from the ground.

I could use timber posts, but I don’t want the cat tree to be too heavy, or too strong for humans to climb it.

My carpentry skills are basic (at best).
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