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We are thinking of putting in a gas fire into our living room which is at the opposite side of the house to where our boiler and kitchen is and therefore will need a new Gas main run to the fireplace.

Our boiler needs to stay where it is but the front of the living room is on the same side of the house where our external, ( submerged in a brown box ) gas meter is.

I do not want to run a gas main through the house as it would be a massive job ( didn’t think it would be safe ) so was thinking of running in another pipe from the meter to the living room, total distance only being around 20mtr tops.

My existing connection is yellow MDPE pipe from the meter round the side of my house underground, up my wall about 2 feet then once through the way is converted to 22mm Copper and plumbed into my boiler with a T piece to our range cooker. I presume the new pipe work can be very similar.

Would I be allowed to purchase the pipe, dig a trench and then call a gas man to come and fit the MDPE pipe, come through the wall, convert to copper and then cap it off until we are ready for it?

If so does anyone know how deep the trench would have to be? I would not be looking to actually lay the pipe as I presume the gas man would be happier doing this from a new coil so he is sure of the pipe work and all fittings. Once done I would then backfill as necessary.

Any thought would be appreciated.

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