Permanent adhesive to bond aluminum sheet sought

Postby Malfunction » Sun May 20, 2007 7:32 am

I've tried everything I can come across..

I need to bond two aluminum sheets together at a 10mm lap (approx.)

The sheet is exactly the same as in beverage cans..

Adhesives tested include Super Glue (thin, normal, thick) 5 min epoxy, double sided tape ( including the really thin variety), polyurethane and all kinds of contact adhesive.

The joint material must be as thin as or thinner than the sheet.

When bonded, the sheets should not show loss of adhesion in room temperatures up to 40C over an extended period.

While several joints seemd very good, after a few weeks in really warm (Australia) weather they tended to lift slightlyin sections.

Any ideas??
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