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Last year I moved into my first house, a 1978 end of terrace. The house is situated near some old oak trees inhabited by the usual birds and squirrels.
Since I moved in, every so often we hear what sounds like scratching in the loft, the odd time what sounds like small creatures moving about.
Before buying the house I checked the loft and found a few bait boxes and some dirts but nothing I thought out of the ordinary. Since we've heard the noises I've found more dirts which I think are rats, put down more bait and checked it regularly but haven't seen it move or eaten. In the loft I think I can see some daylight in two places right down low in the eaves, I'm not sure why. The itself roof looks fine.
I rang a pest exterminating company but since the 'intruders' don't seem to be there all the time and haven't taken the bait I'm not sure what to do. I want the loft 'proofed' from rats, mice, squirrels and birds as best possible. I've also had cavity wall insulation put in and wonder if this might be aiding the intruders. Can anyone suggest the best course of action or ways of blocking the gap between the eaves and the roof? Should I contact a roofer or an exterminator?! How much might proofing cost? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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