Reattaching a side gate to the house

Postby Charlie_Lee » Wed May 07, 2008 12:45 pm

My existing side gate was attached to a wooden post, which appears to have been held to the wall by large nails (the post is not sunk into any kind of posthole its is on the surface). The weight of the gate and the degrading of the nails over the years has led to the nails shearing and the gate falling from the wall.

I would like to reattach this gate, but would like some advice on the safest and securest way to go about this.

The walls of the house are standard masonry and are not plastered or anything.

Additionally the gate is sprung (using a standard gate spring) and I am unsure if this may have contributed to the problems. I have two small children and was thinking of removing this anyway, is this advisable?

Thanks in advance

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Simply Build It

Postby rosebery » Wed May 07, 2008 4:17 pm

or whatever size is appropriate to your application.

Only you can decide about your child's security. If it were me though I'd remove it and fit a bolt that only an a d u l t can operate.


PS It's not that I can't spell. The forum sensor converts a d u l t into censored if you don't put the spaces in. Doh!
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Postby Charlie_Lee » Thu May 08, 2008 1:40 pm

Much appreciated thanks.

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