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Re: my last post regarding regulator for use with a roofers torch fault. I have tried a second new one that replaced the first new one and that also leaks. Anyway it’s arranged to be changed, however it was also suggested PTFE tape but have always thought that regulator like the one on my caravan should be dry fit with no sealant used.
My theory is when the bottle is exchanged that Calor the supplier doesn’t want to have to clean out sealant before re-filling and sending out again.
So is it ‘DRY’ no sealant or ‘ OK to use PTFE tape as It is a slow leak. Or should I take it back again they said they will try it on one of their bottles then if it shows a leak the manufacturer of the regulator should be notified. I’ve seen one bottle go and don’t want to be the cause of another, and have seen one air cylinder fall out of a cradle the top snapped of and it shot across the yard like a torpedo gone mad.
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