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I have a single brick thickness single story exterior extension, 1945, 4.5m x 3m. Without going into detail it has ended up sticking out of a new extension and due to the state of the pointing and general brickwork (door bricked up) the best option is to render it then paint it. I have read most of the forum points on rendering but still have a few questions. They are:

1. Should I add PVA to the first layer to aid bonding?
2. Should I add a water repellent to both layers or just the first or just the second?
3. When is the best time to remove the battening (used as a guid for leveling off), when the mix is damp or let it dry?
4. How do I attach the beading to the corners of the wall?
5. Should there be some form of beading/ledge at the bottom of the render to allow water to run off away from the wall? If so what is this beading called? Should it above or below the DPC?
6. Is beading required around window frames?

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