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Hi there,

I live in a tenement block of flats in Glasgow, and we have a communal back courtyard which is both a bin store and seating area, but also is part of the roof for the commercial premises underneath. It is an asphalt roof that has probably been there about 20 years.

Unfortunately for a number of years the commercial premises has been having leaks, and we have been patching it for a long time. The factors recently quoted us approximately £10k to replace the asphalt. Apparently the bulk of the cost was due to there being no easy access to load the asphalt into the area therefore would need to be wheeled in by hand.

What I'm really looking for is some advice on what would be a more modern alternative be? The area is approximately 10m x 10m. Obviously as it is a bin store and communal seating area there will be people occasionally walking on it.

Also, there is a problem with pooling water on the roof below the level of the drain. I can only assume the roof has sagged slightly over the years. Do modern roofs have a slight gradient to help get rid of rain water?

Any suggestions and/or advice are welcomed!

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