Replacing floorboards with ?

Postby Reynardine » Mon Aug 13, 2007 1:51 pm

My large room measures 25 feet x 15 feet. Examination of the floorboards indicates they are in poor condition. All the boards squeek, they are all warped or bowed across their width and some boards are damaged. Also I want to spend money to silence the sound of my noisy neighbour's music from the flat below.

How does this sound ?

Dispose of the old flooboards completely and replace with large chipboard / plywood / conglomerate material secured to joists at centres.

As you can probably tell I am biased against buying new floorboards so I am ruling out this option. I've seen one manufacturer selling some kind of material made of compressed wood chips and concrete dust.

Can anyone suggest the brand name of a material they would recommend for the job ?
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